About Us


Neethi is a Private Pre-school, a Montessori house of children. Its a home filled with children in a mixed age group of 2 to 6 years. This age is the right age for children to build up their basic skills. We are here to mould a child for their thoughts into action and learn accordingly. We impart education through scientific based-materials and well-designed activities.

No stress, no tests, no exams, but the child understands the concept in depth.
The Management inculcate the essential resource for early childhood. Working with all their heart and soul since 2007.We connect ourselves with every child’s inherent mind.

In Neethi, we offer both Conventional and Montessori method of learning.

K.G. Program:

We prepare children to conventional learning which includes Nursery, L.K.G. and U.K.G. which is optional that the child can enroll for one year or more.
The Pre-School teacher is NTT trained who help children with Oral/ Writing work.

Montessori Program:

Montessori curriculum is based on Dr. Maria Montessori methodology through a scientific approach. The Directress/ Adults are trained and certified by “Indian Montessori Training Centre” IMTC.

Montessori based learning refers to the use and creation of the hands and the one which instructs the intelligence. The children develop a general foundation that includes a positive attitude through their work. We cultivate the habit of concentration, joyful self-discipline, habits of initiative and persistence, the ability to make decisions, and sense of responsibility to the group.

The adult child ratio would be 1:18 with another assistant. We moot the activities of each individual child and inspire his intentions in a progressive way. We inculcate individual growth thought.


Dr. Maria Montessori (31st August 1870 to 6th May 1952) was an Italian physician, educator, philosopher and humanitarian. She is the best known for her philosophy and method of education for children from birth to 16 years of age. Her Educational Method is widely used throughout the world in both public as well as private sectors. Her work has spread worldwide rapidly.


We connect ourselves with every child’s inherent mind. We moot the activities of each individual and inspire his intentions in a progressive way. We inculcate the individual growth thought.


We believe that every child is special and should be helped in his total development in a safe, warm and enriched learning environment.


Sensorial activities are offered to aim at the total development of the child. We impart History Puzzles, Audio and Video Education, Name Lessons through Nomenclature cards, Picture cards, Story, Rhymes, Singing, Phonetics, Arithmetic Social Behaviour, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Science Activities, Contents and Nations, Exercise of Practical Life, Sensorial Activities and many more.
It considers all aspects of a child’s academic, spiritual, moral, and emotional development.